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· General Lighting, or ambient lighting is used to illuminate an overall area, making it possible for one to see and move comfortable in an area. It basically replaces sunlight.

· Task Lighting enables one to perform tasks like cooking, reading, hobbies, homework... Task lighting should be free of glare and shadows and should be bright to facilitate the task at hand.

· Accent Lighting creates interest and drama to a room, it is used to bring attention to paintings, sculptures houseplants, outdoor landscaping, etc. It requires at least three times as much light on the focal point as in the general lighting around it.


Halls & Foyers give the person a first impression of a home's interior style, it makes a transition to the rest of the home. It is recommended that in multiple story applications the bottom of the lighting fixture should be 9' off the floor. In foyers with 9' ceiling, the lighting fixture should be 7' or higher off the floor. Sconces can be used for general lighting or accent lighting in stairways and foyers. The center of the sconce should be installed approximately 66" away from the floor.

Dining Room lighting brings harmony and a feel of comfort to the dining table. How do you determine the size of your dining room chandelier? It should be 6" to 12" smaller than the width of your table. Another method widely used in the industry is to take the width of your room and multiply by 2" for a small scale and 2.5" for a larger scale. (Example: a 12' wide room requires a minimum of 24" chandelier in diameter) chandelier. The bottom finial of the chandelier should hang 28"-32" above the table. The chandelier should hang 5'2 to 5'4' off the floor.

Kitchen is usually the busiest room in the house. While recessed lights are used for general lighting purposes, under cabinet lights are used for task and accent lighting and pendant lights are also used for task and add drama to your kitchen. Based on a 36" high kitchen island, pendant lights should hang approximately 5'6" off the floor. Your kitchen dining area light should hang approximately 5'4" off the floor.

Bath & Vanity strip fixtures are excellent sources of task lighting for shaving and applying makeup or grooming. General lighting in the bath area can be accomplished by a ceiling fixture or a dramatic mini chandelier! If sconces are used in powder rooms and bathrooms, the center of the sconces should be mounted approximately 62" off the floor.

Living Areas in this area of your home all three types of lighting should be used recessed, flush mount or chandeliers are good sources of general lighting, decorative wall sconces can add interest to your walls and table lamps and floor lamps are good sources of task lighting.

Outdoor Lighting is very important to add appeal to the beauty of your home while adding security. The design of these lighting fixtures should be complementary to the style and architecture of your home. Wall lanterns should be sized to the door and the surrounding area. Again when mounting, the center of these fixtures should be installed approximately 60" to 66" off the floor.

Lighting Controls allow the homeowner to take control of their lighting needs. They help conserve energy, create mood lighting, change intensity of light to suit activity and create & save a number of different scenes in each room. There are 4 types of controls, Integrated dimming systems, touch dimmers, slide dimmers and rotary dimmers. Every room in a house should have lighting controls in order to create a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere!

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